Waiting for God


Nutritional Needs

Make sure your dependent senior eats well.  Oftentimes it is difficult to get all the nutritional requirements necessary.  Check with their doctor to see if

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The Aging Brain

Brain health is essential for the mind-body connection and for a thriving life experience regardless of age.  Our brain health determines how well we can

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Sleep and Aging

Regardless of age, sleep is key for memory and cognition.  It is also a necessary component for physical health and resilience.   Older people who

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by Brenda Buckley As the sun begins to set, the world changes for our loved ones with any form of Dementia. At noon, she is

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Life after Death

Nobody knows what happens after we die and Waiting for God does not pretend to have answers.  We can shed some light into different belief

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Mental Health

Depression and anxiety are higher amongst those facing the end of their lives. Geriatric mental health programs exist across the globe due to the unique

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