Waiting for God


Mental Health

Depression and anxiety are higher amongst those facing the end of their lives. Geriatric mental health programs exist across the globe due to the unique

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Loneliness in Seniors

Many of us age with fewer people in their network than when we were younger.  This leaves our seniors vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness. 

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Effect of Activity

Physical Activity for End of Life There is plenty of research that shows us that living a healthy, active lifestyle will prolong life.  Those who

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Aging Population

According to the Population Reference Bureau in the United States, Asia and Europe have some of the world’s oldest population.  Japan, Italy, Finland, Portugal and

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Residence – End of Life Needs

Suddenly becoming responsible for somebody else’s care can be overwhelming. What services do they need? What services are available? What technologies can assist?

We will help you through this overwhelming time.

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Meet Stella

Stella Ross lived a fabulous life.  She was born in 1920 and died at 102.  As a child there was no running water in the

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