Waiting for God

Jason is an electrical engineer by training, and has focused his career on promoting innovative, high tech solutions. He values providing superior customer value, and continually seeks a win-win solutions for all stakeholders in any endeavor, whether it be a customer, supervisor, employee, or supplier.

With much experience in both business and technological leadership as it applies to hardware engineering, software engineering, project management, people management, and business management, Jason is ideally set to run the technological development of Waiting for God. His compassion for people and his experience with many high-tech companies including a medical device company, and his experience supporting the end of life process provides Jason was a keen understanding of the technical needs associated with end of life care.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Ryerson Polytechnic University, and a Masters in Engineering, Engineering Management from the University of Ottawa.

Picture of Jason Wright in grey and white striped shirt