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Proving Timely and Actionable Information for Dependent Senior Care

You have just become a caregiver to a dependent senior.  Now what?

Get a personalized report with the information you need together with recommendations on how to maximize the meaning and beauty that a good end of life has to offer.

Good for all Canadian Provinces and US States.

End of Life Consultations

We are here to ensure that the end-of-life experience is the most meaningful and peaceful possible. 

Need to know what services are available and how to streamline them for maximum value?

Have particular questions about end of life for you or your dependent senior? 

We are here to guide, inform, and even manage the end of life process.  We get as involved as you need.

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Consultation with an end-of-life expert to help you plan

Death planning and end-of-life consultations are key to peace of mind for you, your dependent senior, and all others involved in the lives of those who life is coming to an end.  Waiting for God can help you get organized and moving in a direction that is beneficial to your dependent senior’s full community of care, whether you are new to the role of primary caregiver, or have been at it for a while. 

Understanding your responsibilities, and the needs and desires of your dependent senior is important.  We can help take hours of your searching and focus on the specific needs of your senior through one on one discussions with our End-of-Life Consultants.

We are here to help you stay calm and organized as well as to help you find depth and meaning by helping you figure out what is needed on the journey to end of life.   We answer questions and provide recommendations to ensure you and your dependent senior have the support you need.  

We answer questions like: 

What are your ethical responsibilities? What are the different stages at end-of-life? How do you, or your dependent senior, want your end-of-life to unfold?  What happens if you are no longer capable of making decisions and sudden decision are necessary?  What are the specific services available that can support a dependent seniors needs?

Sometime, we need to better understand care needs, which morph and grow.  Getting answers quickly, from experts in the field as dependent seniors move through the final stages of life can make the difference between calm and chaos.

End-of-Life Management

For those whose lives are busy and caring for dependent seniors, we offer management services.  We will coordinate and communicate the end of life process for you so you can focus on what matters. 

Our end-of-life consultants are experts in their field and are trained in ensuring a high quality, meaningful end of life process.  They are here to enrich the dying experience for the dying person and their community of care.

Because our end-of-life experts are trained doulas, they understand how to provide holistic services to engage their mental, spiritual, physical and emotional selves, they are equipped to help you plan for, and live toward a person’s end-of-life.

Becoming a Primary Caregiver Consultation

You are now responsible for a dependent Senior. Now what?

Most people become primary caregivers with little to no warning.  A hospital visit by a parent, friend or neighbour and now they can no longer take care of themselves.   The caregiver is quite unprepared as they find themselves responsible for somebody else’s life. 

The beginning of the caregiver journey is confusing, but we can help.

Caregiver burnout is a major issue.  Studies have show that most caregivers are 16% more likely to live with 2 or more long-term health conditions, and because our systems focus on patient care, it is hard to find the support you need.   We are here to support you. 

What You Will Get

Total Cost: $55 CAD

End of Life Consultations

You need answers about end of life

End of life is a difficult topic for many.  It does not need to be.   The same is true for finding out information and resources you need.

Information about what happens to the body as it prepares for death, or getting specific information and services related to your unique situation can be difficult.  We are here to help. 

Ask us anything.  If we don’t have the answer, we will find it for you.  

We can even manage the entire process for you, if that is what you need.

What We Can Provide

Cost: $45 CAD/hour

Coming Soon!!!

Planning for end-of-life is essential.   

Like financial and estate planning, having an advanced care plan (end-of-life plan) will drastically improve the quality of life for everybody involved.

Take the guessing out of what somebody wants and ensure all are on the same page.

Getting a personal video consultation from the comfort and privacy of your home to assess what changes can be made to improve the quality of life for your dependent senior can make a big difference in the quality of the ending life, and of the entire community of care.


Reduce stress, get physical and emotional support, learn what to expect at the end of life, and connect better within the family.

End-of-life Consultants, empower, educate and encourage people and their families as they navigate the end of this life’s journey.

Our End-of-Life consultants will help you navigate the challenges and ensure you, or your dependent senior, know what to expect.

Get an advanced care plan drafted so that all people in the community of care are working toward the same goal.

Suddenly becoming responsible for somebody else’s care can be overwhelming.

What services do they need?  What services are available? Which are free? Which must be paid? What technologies can assist?

These same questions can recur as dependent senior moves through the final stages of life.

Care needs morph and grow. 

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Quality of Life Assessment

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Coming Soon! Quality of Life Assessment with a Death Doula

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A death doula will spend approximately 2 hours in the dependent senior’s place of residence by video, or in person (if in Ottawa, ON) together with person responsible for their care.   A Quality of Life assessment will be done, and a personalized report with recommendations to improve along with the costs of each recommendation.  The death doula can answer any questions related to the dying process and what to expect, both physically and from the system, in the last hours of life.  

The report is actionable and will be received within a week.  Click here for a sample report (link to sample report). Costs for implementing recommendations are estimates and would be incurred by the client.

What You Will Get

$125 CAD